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Tierprogramm 0.8

Tierprogramm is an AppleScript based freeware droplet User-Interface for Exiftool. It can be used to change Exif-informations inside jpg files.

Tierprogramm is written by Florian Poeck and offered as it is. There is no warranty at all and usage it at your own risk.


Version 0.8:


- added OS-check on launch. If OS is not 10.5 we display a notice and quit Tierprogramm
- added progress bar into preference window to display save-times or other actions
- added Read & Export Thumbnail function (-ThumbnailImage image.jpg > thumbnail.jpg)
- added Read & Export ICC Informations function (-icc_profile)
- added Read & Export XMP Data function (-xmp)
- added Read & Export Common meta informations (-common)
- added Write additional IPTC:Keywords function. Can be used to write multiple "flickr tags" into the files.
- added a Delete all IPTC:Keywords function. Can be used to delete all added "flickr tags"


- changed the BeCareful label text in the Preference window.
- changed htmldump function from "General" to "Read"
- added a help text to the "Overwrite" function
- re-worked preference window (new section: read-commands)
- "save" preferences re-worked. We need about 60% of the code now for the same function. Old construct was just stupid.
- "save" preferences function uses the progressbar now
- "cancel" preferences function uses the progress bar now
- "help" preferences function uses the progress bar now
- syncPreferencesUI() reworked. We need about 70% of the colde now for the same function. Old construct was just stupid.
- changed Plist repair function. If repair is not working, we do trash the plist, notice the user and close tierprogramm. Restarts should solve the issue as it shouldnt happen anyways. Just to be sure if something unexpected happens while execution. Called: deletePlist()
- Resized help button
- textfields do use the progress bar now while editing text
- changed max display time for dialogs to 5 sec (giving up after X seconds). Was defined to 10 before.
- Growl notification code was still including the String "Test Notification" for msg-name. Changed to "Tierprogramm Notification"
- re-ordered the cmd-execution of the single exiftool commands
- General AppleScript-code cleanup .... once again


- fixed a typo in a dialog of the check-routine for new plist values in new releases (adter -> after)
- fixed some missing ALt-Texts for the checkBoxes
- fixed "end / statistic output" as it wasn't checking if the User has selected something to to in Preferences. Do do check this now and have a specific dialog for each case.
. Follow the link and free download Tierprogramm now.  


  • License: Freeware
  • Price: Not applicable
  • Updated: 26 Aug 2008
  • Size: 152k
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Aperture
  • Developer: Florian Poeck
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