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Printer Setup Repair (Tiger Edition) 5.0

Printer Setup Repair is designed to rectify situations where the Printer Setup Utility will not open, printers cannot be added, CUPS fails to operate, and numerous other errors. Although Printer Setup Repair cannot fix every printing problem, it is capable of resolving most of the common ones. Printer Setup Repair can also be used to delete unwanted printer drivers, remove a build up of spool files, recreate the /tmp symbolic link, and backup / restore the printing system.

Printer Setup Repair allows the user to do the following:

- Backup and restore the printing system
- Verify and recreate the root user
- Verify and recreate the lp user
- Verify and recreate the lp group
- Verify and repair the Printer Setup Utility file permissions
- Verify and repair the /System/Library directory permissions
- Verify and repair the CUPS directories
- Verify and repair the /Library directory permissions
- Verify and repair the home user Library directories
- Reset the Printer Setup Utility
- Delete CUPS spool files
- Verify and repair the /private/tmp directory
- Stop, start, or restart the cupsd process
- View and modify the hostconfig file
- Replace the cupsd.conf file
- Delete hidden temporary files
- Delete all Printer Setup Utility preferences
- Calculate the directory size of the pre-installed drivers
- Delete the pre-installed drivers
- Repair OS 9 permissions
- Delete PrintMonitor spool files
- Delete OS 9 printing preferences
- Install OS 9 and OS X PPD files
- Delete OS 9 and OS X PPD files
- View the CUPS access_log file
- View the CUPS error_log file
- View the CUPS page_log file

If you are using Mac OS X 10.3.x, you can download Printer Setup Repair 4.x from here.
If you are using Mac OS X 10.1.x or 10.2.x, you can download Print Center Repair from here.

What's new in this version:

- Updated for full Tiger compatibility.
- Added the option to repair the root user if problems are found.
- Added the option to perform a backup of the printing system and restore the files if necessary.
- Added the option to change the CUPS entry in the hostconfig file to either YES, NO, or AUTOMATIC.
- Added a startup check that will examine and advise on the state of the cupsd.conf file.
- Added the option to disable the automatic activity log feature.
- Added the option to delete the file to the preference file deletion option.
- Added additional settings to the preferences panel.
- Removed the "Padlock" which was used to unlock Printer Setup Repair. Authentication is now required during launch.
- Any administrator user name and password combination can be used for authentication.
- Printer Setup Repair can now be used in a non-administrator user account provided that an administrator user enters their name and password.
- Fixed a bug that may have prevented the lp group from being repaired if problems were found.
- Fixed a bug that generated an error before replacing the symbolic links after multiple problems were found during the file permissions verification and repair process.
- Fixed a cosmetic bug that left the trial version information in the window title after registration information was entered successfully. Follow the link and free download Printer Setup Repair (Tiger Edition) now.  


  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $19.95 to buy 
  • Updated: 24 May 2008
  • Size: 780k
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • Developer: Fixamac Software
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