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Nonio C 9.2

Nonio C is a program for modeling large topographic and cartographic surveys using triangles, contour lines, slope charts, color shading, sections, and three-dimentional views. Terrain is modeled using a method of triangulation, a valuable alternative to methods based on the generation of an orthogonal grid, which does not often correspond well to real-life conditions. Two surfaces can be modeled simultaneously, allowing the comparison of the original terrain with the modified or of two different project phases. Points data may be inserted using the keyboard, a graphic tablet, field survey, or ASCII file. The model is created either automatically or by imposing breaklines interactively with the mouse, recreating as closely as possible a representation of the actual terrain. Contour lines are drawn automatically according to set intervals.

Once the necessary data is entered, the land model may be altered by simulated land movement operations. Values such as areas, volumes, and slope differences are computed automatically by a special calculator.

The model can be viewed from any vantage point through a series of automatically generated images (sections and axons). The images can be drawn in a variety of representational forms (with contour lines, in cross-grid form, or with shadings, hatchings, or color according to slope classes).

All modifications can be seen in real time in a continuously rendered 3D view. It is possible to fly around the terrain or do a "walkthrough" in real time. The rendering can be enhanced using plug-in renderers. Textures may be imported to the 3D view to simulate materails or soils. Movement throughout the model is controlled using the mouse or keyboard.

A land model created with Nonio C may be exported to an architectural program, such as Interstudio's own Domus.Cad or Graphisofts ArchiCad, where an architectural model may be placed directly on it. The reverse operation may also be performed: an archiectural model can be imported by Nonio C and placed on the land model.

Program Characteristics:

- Supports documents of up to 500,000 points
- Imports in XYZ ASCII, DWG 3D, DXF 3D and QuickDraw 3D MetaFile formats
- Exports in Domus.Cad, GDL, QuickDraw 3D MetaFile, DigiCad, DXF 2D and 3D, DXF Polygon and Facet formats
- 3D interactive rendering and MetaFile Imports
- Textures supports
- Plug-in renderers supports
- Drag and Drop for textures, text, and PICT images
- Two surfaces may be worked simultaneously
- Automatic generation of triangles, contour lines, and surfaces
- Allows direct intervention of model using break lines vertical sections from polygons special calculator for surface and volume calculations
- Integrates Domus.Cad information
- Superimposes two land models
- Simulated digging and filling operations
- Integrates DigiCad 3D information
- Internal driver for plotting in HP-GL, HP-GL/2, and DMPL

What's new in this version:

- Raster images modification (rotation, scaling, resolution, colors and transparency).
- Z moving of the selected points. Two new modeling functions allow you to modify the Z axis of your model in selected points, either by inserting the new measurements or by using the mouse
- Correction of maps deformations. This is useful for correcting deformations in map supports, which frequently differ in X and Y directions . Follow the link and free download Nonio C now.  


  • License: Update
  • Price: $306.00 to buy 
  • Updated: 20 Jul 2008
  • Size: form
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher
  • Developer: Interstudio S.r.l.
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