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Create Booklet PDF Service 1.0.1

Create Booklet PDF Service adds an export command that converts documents into PDF format for printing as a booklet with staples down the middle. This means the pages have to be resorted before printing and two pages have to be shrunk onto one. Create Booklet does that for you and as it is a PDF Service you can do it directly from the print panel. Additionally you get the Automator Action that is used in that PDF Service.


Version 1.0.1: This is a very very minor update for Leopard users. All I did is change a setting of the PDF service that is included such that it now uses the same paper format for output then it got as input. This option was always available but is default now.

Just to remind. Create Booklet is a PDF service created with it‘s own Automator Action. This means you can change how the PDF Service works by clicking in the Print Panel on „PDF -> Edit Menu“.
. Follow the link and free download Create Booklet PDF Service now.  


  • License: Freeware
  • Price: Not applicable
  • Updated: 23 Jan 2008
  • Size: 1.6MB
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.
  • Developer: Christoph Vogelbusch
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